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- National Geographic, October 1993

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Who We Are

The Chartiers Creek Watershed Association (ChCWA) is a group of volunteers who work to ensure the high quality of the upper portion of Chartiers Creek in Washington County, Pennsylvania. We are a nonprofit conservation organization representing the County’s “upper” segment of the Chartiers Creek Watershed (“the watershed ”, the lower part of which is located in Allegheny County, PA

Membership in the ChCWA is open to anyone living within the Watershed, as well as individuals, businesses and organizations that own property or are actively involved within the boundaries of the Watershed.

ChCWA, along with other watershed associations, is a member of the Washington County Watershed Alliance, an umbrella organization that serves as our fiscal agent for grants and helps coordinate our conservation efforts.

What We Do

ChCWA maintains an ongoing schedule of events and project activities that help protect our watershed’s streams, lakes, and rivers. Our group monitors streams, promotes good water conservation practices, and conducts educational and recreational events for our members and the general public.

Our Mission

The purpose of the Chartiers Creek Watershed Association is to enhance, protect, and develop the ecosystem of the watershed by undertaking activities to:
  1. Study the natural resources of the watershed

  2. Develop a program to improve and maintain the water resources of the watershed

  3. Promote local interest in natural resource conservation

  4. Involve local support to correct conditions that cause problems for the watershed

  5. Identify federal, state, and local programs (financial, technical, and scientific) that would benefit the watershed

To achieve these goals, ChCWA is committed to working with the real estate community, governments, and other segments of our community, and to be a resource and forum for concepts in the following areas:
  • Land development
  • On-site stormwater retention
  • Watershed management
  • Public policy

Our History

The Chartiers Creek Watershed Association was formally organized on September 29, 1999 by a small group of volunteers who wanted to provide ways and means for protecting the watershed’s natural resources.

At this initial meeting, the group adopted by-laws and elected officers.