“All the water that will ever be is, right now.”
- National Geographic, October 1993

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The Chartiers Creek Watershed Association (ChCWA) is a group of volunteers who
work to ensure the high quality of the upper portion of Chartiers Creek. ChCWA monitors
streams, promotes good water conservation practices, and conducts educational and
recreational events for its members and the general public. Read more . . .


August 9 thru 16 – Washington County Fair Grounds


This year — with more booth space than ever — the Washington County Watershed Alliance
(WCWA) will feature a brand new display designed by W & J intern Jacob Lis.

ChCWA will join our 8 other watershed groups in promoting our organizations’ message
about clean water protection. We’ll be talking to folks from all over Washington and
nearby counties, handing out info about our groups, and signing up new members.

So come to the Fair and visit our booth (right next to the Washington County Conservation
booth). Better yet, volunteer a little of your time to help us publicize ChCWA & WCWA.

For more information about our display, or to volunteer,
call Beth at 724-503-4785 or email her at bethk@pawccd.org


Catfish Creek Stream Restoration
Early Fall – watch for updates!

Early this fall, we will continue our efforts to restore portions
of the stream bank along Catfish Creek in Washington Park.
Working again with the City of Washington, we’ll focus on
the opposite side of the stream from our 2013 restoration
project, stabilizing the bank and doing plantings.

This project is made possible with a grant of $2,300 from
Dominion and the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy.

Fall Stream Monitoring
Dates to be announced!

Each Fall ChCWA gathers samples from the streams of the
Upper Chartiers Creek to determine the purity of the water.
We wade right in to monitor macro-invertebrates, chemicals,
and flow at several locations in our watershed.

Training, equipment, and supplies are all provided.
All you need is transportation to the sites, sure
footedness (if you want to go into streams), and
an interest in the environment.

This is a great activity for the whole family – fun and educational!

So watch this space for more info and dates!