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Summer Volunteer Opportunity!

ChCWA will test for bacteria…and possibly methane

This summer, Little Chartiers Creek will be the site of ChCWA’s annual bacterial sampling. You can help with this project even if you’ve never done stream monitoring before.

All training, equipment, and supplies will be provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP). Our experienced monitors will accompany and provide guidance for beginners.

Carrilee, our stream monitoring coordinator, came back from the recent Shale Network Workshop with an opportunity to collect stream samples for methane testing for a Penn State research study. With the extensive gas drilling occurring in Washington County, this will be an especially relevant addition to our monitoring program.

Right now, we’re scheduling training and setting up monitoring dates for June, July and August. Volunteer openings to help with this sampling can range from just two consecutive dates to a complete multi-week schedule.

Photo of a volunteer sampling Chartiers Creek for macro-invertebrates last year.

Consider joining us for this important project! All you will need is transportation to the sites, and an interest in protecting the environment.

For more details and dates,
please email Carrilee

WCWA Rain Barrel Workshop

Thursday, June 18, 7 to 8:30 pm

Sponsored by The Washington County Watershed Alliance (WCWA), this workshop will show you how you can simultaneously water your lawn and conserve water! A rain barrel can save 1300 gallons of water during peak summer months…along with reducing pollution from storm water runoff.

Where: Washington County Conservation District Office, 2800 N. Main St, Suite 105, Washington PA 15301

Registration: Preregistration is required. To register, call Nancy at 412-488-7490 ext 247 or email her.

Cost: $50 per person or $55 per couple.

For complete details, visit the WCWA website.

Photo of a rain barrel catching the rain water from a building's downspout.

ChCWA May Help on Project with Habitat for Humanity

ChCWA is hoping to participate in a project with Habitat for Humanity that will provide home ownership for two families, while addressing a longtime stormwater problem at the site of the two new homes (intersection of West Palm St. and Franklin Terrace, North Franklin Twp).

Photo of 2 Habitat for Humanity houses under construction in North Franklin Township.

LEFT – Site of storm water runoff
RIGHT – The two Habitat houses under construction

Photos by Jim Maloy

The environmental part of the project, which will include rain gardens and streambank plantings, is being developed by Suzy Meyer, LA. Her goal is to create a natural infrastructure that will filter and absorb storm water sheeting from nearby streets across the two properties’ low side lots, and into a tributary of Little Chartiers Creek.

Ms. Meyer has designed four rain gardens, with native switch grass plants whose dense root structure is excellent for absorbing storm water. Her plan also includes planting native vegetation to stabilize the stream banks at the rear of the properties. Habitat is currently regrading the property to cut down on stormwater flow.

ChCWA’s role has involved writing letters of support for project grants, and may include volunteer recruitment, and the contribution of grant monies for purchasing plants.

Habitat’s Erick Podurgiel is construction manager for the project. His father, Bob Podurgiel, is providing assistance. They have applied for grants and are awaiting the results.

Stay tuned for more details…and possible volunteer opportunities.

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Wetlands Walk Recap

A small but hearty band of participants joined Dr. Jason Kilgore for ChCWA’s annual wetlands walk on May 9th. Sloshing through sections of the North Franklin Wetlands, walkers found several very large crayfish tunnels, along with other interesting flora and fauna. The group also removed trash from the area.

Dr. Kilgore is Associate Professor of Biology at Washington & Jefferson College.

Photo of 3 boys at the end of the 2015 Wetland Walk with dirty hands and faces

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