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- National Geographic, October 1993

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Wednesday, July 13 from 7 to 9 pm


Pumping new life into our River Conservation Plan will be one of the key topics at our July meeting, when Lisa Hollingsworth-Segedy joins us to share her knowledge of environmental and resource protection planning.

Ms. Hollingsworth-Segedy is associate director, river restoration, for American Rivers, a national organization dedicated to protecting and restoring rivers and conserving clean water. Learn more

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Summer is when we usually monitor streams for bacteriological contamination, using testing supplies provided by the PA Department of Environmental Resources (DEP). This summer, however, the DEP does not plan to test.

“Our watershed is always ready to test for bacteria in the summer,” says ChCWA secretary Carrilee Hemington, “so we’re hoping the DEP will resume the program next year.”

News and Updates

ChCWA receives Dominion 2016
Watershed Mini-Grant Award

Carrilee Hemington, ChCWA secretary, accepts a watershed mini-grant of $850 from Don Houser, Director of Regional Federal, State, and Local Affairs for Dominion. With this grant, we will be able to purchase a new swing sampler and attachments for stream monitoring, and to color print four issues of our newsletter. ChCWA wishes to thank the Dominion Foundation for this award, a vital addition to our watershed conservation work.

Carrilee also accepted a Dominion mini-grant of $1,650, on behalf of the Washington County Watershed Alliance, for water quality monitor maintenance supplies and for producing a watershed map.

Financial support for this project is provided by the Dominion Foundation
which is dedicated to the economic, physical and social health of the
communities served by Dominion companies.

This grant program was administered by the Western Pennsylvania
Conservancy in commitment to its core mission of conserving
Pennsylvania’s diverse ecosystems through science-based
strategy, leadership, and collaboration.

“Trees near stream should have stayed . . .”

That was the message of ChCWA’s May 14th letter-to-the-editor, written by Carrilee Hemington and published in the Washington Observor-Reporter. Carrilee was referring to the cutting down of trees and shrubs along Chartiers Creek, near Chartiers-Houston Junior/Senior High School. Her letter was in response to an earlier letter by Gary Popiolowski, a science teacher at Chartiers-Houston, who wrote to protest the tree and shrub removal by Chartiers Township. Both letters expressed the hope that the township would replant the area and, in the future, refrain from removing treed riparian buffers along streambanks.

Read entire versions of both letters . . .


The Chartiers Creek Watershed Association is a member of the
Washington County Watershed Alliance
2800 N Main St Ext, Ste 105
Washington, PA 15301

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