“All the water that will ever be is, right now.”
- National Geographic, October 1993

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The Chartiers Creek Watershed Association (ChCWA) is a group of volunteers who
work to ensure the high quality of the upper portion of Chartiers Creek. ChCWA monitors
streams, promotes good water conservation practices, and conducts educational and
recreational events for its members and the general public. Read more . . .


Four ChCWA Members Win Watershed Volunteer Awards!

Group Photo

Above, left to right: Awardees, and staff members of the Washington County Conservation District (WCCD): Jennifer Dann (WCCD), Donna Riggle, Jacob Lis, Joan Jessen, Beth Kahkonen (WCCD), Jean Bear, Judy Campsey, and Carrilee Hemington.

Congratulations to recipients of the watershed volunteer awards given by the Washington County Conservation District (WCCD) for exceptional contributions to watersheds! The awards were presented December 9, 2014 at an Awards Banquet at the Doubletree on Racetrack Road.

Special kudos to our four Chartiers Creek awardees . . .

for demonstrating exemplary dedication to public service, including the formation of the Washington County Watershed Alliance and the Chartiers Creek Watershed Association.
  DONNA RIGGLE – VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR AWARD in recognition of her tireless efforts to improve Washington County watersheds. In addition to Chartiers Creek, Donna belongs to the Buffalo Creek and Wheeling Creek watershed associations and is a member of the WCWA board.
  JEAN BAER – OUTSTANDING VOLUNTEER AWARD for her key contributions to Chartiers Creek, especially on stream monitoring.
  CARRILEE HEMINGTON -- OUTSTANDING VOLUNTEER AWARD for her contributions to Chartiers Creek, including leadership on stream monitoring and numerous other projects.
Congrats also to . . .
  • Judy Campsey (Buffalo Creek Watershed Association)
    Outstanding Volunteer Award

  • Jacob Lis (WCWA) -- Outstanding Intern Award

WANTED! ChCWA Quarterly Newsletter Editor -- If you're a ChCWA member with writing talent and some basic layout skills, we could use your help in producing our newsletter! We're looking for someone to edit a 4-page publication that is published both online and in print, using Microsoft Publisher (or other graphic design software). Check out our past newsletters

The new editor should be able to attend monthly meetings often enough to stay updated on ChCWA news and events. It's a great opportunity to get involved with your watershed group and help further its mission. For more details, please email the current editor, Joan Jessen, at joanjessen159@gmail.com .


Mark your calendars for March 19!

WCWA 3rd Annual Membership Meeting

For its 2015 Membership Meeting, the Washington County Watershed Alliance will depart from the formal banquets of previous years and host a casual gathering, where folks can mingle and share ideas. Attendees will be able to meet other watershed members and learn about their projects and experiences while enjoying a catered buffet dinner.

Join us on Thursday, March 19th from 6 pm to 8 pm! Check back later for more details, or visit the WCWA website.